Dr. Sharon Buchbinder, RN, PhD received her undergraduate BA in Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 1973, and an MA in Psychology from the University of Hartford in 1976. She worked in healthcare as an Intravenous Therapist from 1973 to 1980, where she was greeted by patients with “Not again!” each time she entered their rooms. Unhappy with working only eighty hours a week, she returned to school for an AAS in Nursing from Maria College in Albany NY. While attending school part-time, she was employed by the State of New York Department of Mental Hygiene and worked on a nurse exit survey examining reasons for turnover among NY state psychiatric nurses.

Bitten by the research and policy bug, she went to work for the National Commission on Nursing in Chicago IL and the American Hospital Association's Division of Nursing, also in Chicago. She then worked for the American Medical Association (AMA) (Chicago) from 1984-1990. While at the AMA she held a variety of positions in Science and Technology, Medical Education and Marketing, Membership and Strategic Planning. While employed full-time at the AMA, colleagues stalked her at the photocopier and told her life would be incomplete without a doctorate. Gullible and gleefully unaware of the work ahead, she pursued her PhD in Public Health Sciences, majoring in Health Resources Management, with a collateral in Economics. Dr. Buchbinder's dissertation was "Physician Job Satisfaction and Prediction of Likelihood of Practice Change," the defense of which completed her PhD requirements in 1992. Her family rejoiced, safe in the knowledge that she was not interested in pursuing a law degree.

Dr. Buchbinder moved to Baltimore, and took a postdoctoral fellowship in children's mental health services where she looked at the impact of international medical graduates on the provision of service for the severely mentally ill. Subsequent to the postdoc, she took a position in the Johns Hopkins' School of Medicine  (JHU SOM) as Research Coordinator of the Evaluation of the Hawaii Healthy Start Program, a child abuse and neglect prevention program that has been in existence for 15 years. The job required several trips a year to Hawaii, and while it was a tough job, someone had to do it. During her time at JHU SOM, she successfully pursued grant funding for "Primary Care Physician Job Satisfaction and Turnover" and was promoted to the faculty at JHU as a Research Associate.

Lured to Towson University by the prospects of big bucks and new audiences of undergraduate and graduate students for her old jokes, Dr. Buchbinder became an Assistant Professor in 1996. In 2000, she grew into an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the undergraduate Health Care Management Program. She was promoted to Full Professor in March of 2005 and served as Chairman of the Department of Health Science from June, 2005 to August, 2010 and was Immediate Past Chair of the Board of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). A multi-published author, she is currently working on her new titles and consulting in healthcare and higher education.

Dr Buchbinder and her husband, Dr. Dale Buchbinder, have a son who graduated with a BS in English from Towson University, who is Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with Lifetime Fitness in Columbia, MD and at Thrive Health and Wellness. When not attempting to make her students, colleagues and friends laugh, she can be found exercising, reading, golfing, deep sea fishing, playing with her cats and dog, writing healthcare management textbooks, romantic short stories and novels with a weird blend of horror, mystery, and romance. For a glimpse at Dr. Buchbinder’s alter ego, please click on the link to FICTION.


Career Opportunities in Health Care Management: Perspectives from the Field Introduction to Health Care Management